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Listening on the spot

2021 - Plompetorenbrug Utrecht

a manifestation of my research, as part of my graduation of MA Scenography
.”When you listen here for a while, a lot is actually happening. It seems that these happenings play a composition together. “Happenstance” is something that happened because of certain circumstances, although it was not planned by anyone. Without a reason, while it seems to. To conduct the listener to listen to what is already there, I made listening spots. By framing the way of listening and composing interventions, I create space to let happenstance play with the listeners imagination and expectations.

score of the life performance with Koen Boeijinga on saxophone and bike and Diederick van Rijsewijck on bike and bucket. 



a collaboration with
Annabel Schouten

a sound and material research.
How can we  play sound very close to the audience head, while we have to stay at distance.
documentation of our performance and residency at Nulpunt in’ de Maakruimte’ in Utrecht april/may 2021